Don't be fooled by its "mini" size, because the function and performance of this short board is almost twice its size and price! With a 180W power motor and 2.0Ah battery, it can be replaced in just 10 seconds and lasts up to 10 to 15 kilometers. Run by ESC and operated by remote control, light and simple is the biggest advantage of this product


This product is to increase the battery capacity to 4.0Ah on the basis of D3min, and replace the 250W high-speed motor, so that the power and endurance of the skateboard are qualitatively improved. It is the best choice for teenagers.


The flexible deck design is both comfortable and stable. The smart 5.0Ah battery can last up to 25 kilometers and is equipped with the latest safety features, such as real-time monitoring and automatic battery storage protection mode, IP55 waterproof and our proprietary exchange drive system. D3M is a real budget board, beating the advanced board in terms of features and performance!


This is a unique skateboard. It has a battery capacity of 6.0Ah, a dual-drive motor of 500W*2, a unique power protection system, and it can slide safely and freely on a slope of 20 degrees. It has a 5V charging port. You can charge your phone anytime, anywhere


The 105mm/120mm cloud wheel motor gives the product a comfortable sliding experience, strong grip, and maintains the elasticity of the wood board. These are the biggest reasons for your choice


D4M is a high-performance, multi-purpose, modular electric skateboard. Easily switch between a smooth dual-motor drive system and a super-powerful, super-powerful belt motor drive system. Fully customized product components can meet your needs-from the power system to the motor controller to the battery. Dial your perfect journey and release your imagination!


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